We're on a mission to change the data. Nearly 80% of runners have gotten injured every year for the past 4 decades. That needs to change. Running unloaded helps you return from injury, stay healthy, and enhance your performance.

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  • We attach to your home treadmill
  • Sets up within two minutes
  • Reduce up to 45 lbs to return from injuries pain-free
  • Prebuilt training/rehab plans in the LEVER app
  • Lightest support system in the world / built to travel
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Rehab from common Injuries like stress fractures, Achilles tendinopathy, knee pain, plantar fasciitis , and more! We've got you covered. Start your journey with LEVER and get back to being injury-free, enjoying the activities you love without pain.

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If you're looking for a treadmill that works well with our LEVER system, you're in luck! Our system is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of treadmills, including top brands like Nordictrack, Peloton, Sole, Proform, and even the Woodway 4Front treadmill. Check out the full list of compatible treadmills below!

  • If you don't see your treadmill on here please send our team a message and we can verify if your treadmill is compatible.
Treadmill Compatibility List

Hear from our customers

With 12 total leg surgeries, 8 of which have been just to save my leg, it is difficult to stay consistent in order to compete. Lever has been a game changer for me both physically and mentally.

Sean H.

As an 'older' triathlete, I not only get injured easily, I have a hard time keeping my heart rate low enough for effective longer Zone 2 training sessions. Using the Lever allows me to do longer, more effective and productive workouts and keep my HR where it needs to be. I've been able to build a solid base without injury, and it's easier to train good running form and cadence with the Lever. Also, I love that I talk with a real person when I use Lever's chat feature -- a huge plus for me.


I have suffered from stress fractures in the past and this allows me to safely build my mileage back up as well as run when I am very sore without pain.

Julianna M.

I got sidelined with a calf strain that turned my fall marathon into a DNS. I rested for weeks, iced, strength trained, and then re-injured it while trying to come back. My skepticism was erased with my first run on the LEVER, wow!


Best thing that's come to running in a long time. The Lever has made a huge difference in how I'm able to train. It's allowed me to squeeze in extra low impact runs and add extra speed on interval days. It even got me through with no pain during a week long knee issue.

Jessica B.

Game changer! Coming back from injury is like walking a knife edge between wanting to get back lost fitness quickly and being patient. The Lever has helped me reintroduce speed work safely and earlier than expected. The set up is sturdy and professional, I feel completely safe even at high speed. Just wish I’d discovered this earlier!

Tracey H.


Revolutionize your training and recovery with LEVER GO+. The world's lightest recovery system.


Build your confidence in your return to run with the strength and the accuracy of the UP+. Equipped with the LEVER Scale so you can unload your weight accurately, this system is built to last.


The LEVER UP includes everything you need for a superior workout experience.


  • Laura Philipp

  • Flora Duffy

  • Ruth Astle

  • Luis Orta

"I started to use the LEVER system 2 years ago and it still has a very important place in my weekly run training."

"Thanks to the LEVER system I was able to get back running much quicker and maintain a level of fitness. If I am not injured, I use the LEVER system once or twice a week which allows me to keep my run volume up but have less impact on my legs. A win, win situation."

"The LEVER system has exceeded my expectations in terms of helping rehab my achilles and allow me to do some running without overloading my achilles. It is so easy to set up, and allows you to adjust the body weight you are taking off quickly and easily. It has been an integral part of getting me back running post an achilles issue that has been ongoing. With the LEVER system I have turned a corner and am able to run consistently and properly again."

"I went from no running in October, to jogging with LEVER. I started jogging 20 minutes feeling like crap, then decided to use the LEVER to ease into it and take a 20% of my body weight, I even took it to Kenya to force myself to be careful and patient with my comeback."

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Welcome to the Run Fast, Run Forever podcast presented by LEVER Movement. Join us as we explore the benefits of running unloaded with incredible guests. Whether you're currently dealing with an injury, building back your run volume, or looking to set your next PR, we hope you'll take away some powerful and applicable lessons from leaders in the fitness space and learn how you too can incorporate LEVER to accomplish your fitness goals.

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