Changing the way
the world moves

Changing the way
the world moves

Changing the way
the world moves

Find the right LEVER use case for you:


Incoporate LEVER into your clinic to help athletes return from injury and keep athletes healthy.

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Use LEVER to keep your legs feeling fresh, practice overspeed workouts, and stay healthy during your training block.

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Provide LEVER as an option for your team to use during the season to help athletes reach the next level.

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10LB Lightweight Frame

Removes 45lbs of body weight

Extremely Portable

Easy to Transport

Easy Efficient


Body Weight Support device —thoughtfully engineered for the clinic and athlete.


On a mission to make Body Weight Support training and recovery accessible globally.


Building a more confident community of athletes, patients, and teams.

Don't just take our word for it

Our clinic needed this functionality, but couldn’t justify the cost of the other products. This has been a huge value-add for our patients.

Lafayette PT Clinic

Lafayette, CO

The Lever is a fantastic tool to have in your training lineup.

Meaghan Murrary

Running with one of these anti-gravity devices will allow you to run while exerting a significantly lower physical toll on your body, thus allowing an injured runner to potentially continue to run.

Dr. Jeff Sankoff


We use LEVER to offload body weight on easy days to reduce pounding and allow muscles to recover better before the next hard session!

UA Mission Run Distance

Baltimore, MD

For someone wanting their own access to body weight support that is also mobile, this is a great option.

Doctors of Running

Maximum usability for
expert Physical Therapists

Peak performance for
ambitious athletes

Accessible Bodyweight Support
For Teams


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