Our Journey Begins

In the heart if Boulder, Colorado, LEVER's story took its first stride in 2019. It was more than just a run in the mountain trails of Boulder that brought our founders, Brad and Ryan, together. It was a shared vision sparked amidst the backdrop of endurance and camaraderie. They noticed a troubling trend: top-tier athletes around them, even those with Olympic accolades, were frequently sidelined by injuries. Despite their accolades, consistent access to effective recovery tools remained out of reach.

A Solution Emerges

Why should body weight support proven to aid in recovery and enhance performance only be an elusive luxury? The duo envisioned a world where this transformative technology was accessible to all, not just the elite. Thus, LEVER was born, embodying the spirit of endurance and resilience.

Our mission: To make body weight support a cornerstone of every athlete's journey, from recovery to breaking new grounds in performance, and being accessible to all.

Your Next Chapter Awaits

At LEVER, we believe in a world where every run, every mile, brings you closer to your peak—without the setbacks. It's time to elevate your training and leave behind the cycles of injuries.