Return to Run Protocol- Common Running Injury

Return to Run Protocol- Common Running Injury

Lever Return to Run Protocol after common running related injury (ex: plantar fasciitis, shin splints, anterior knee pain/patellofemoral knee pain, Achilles or patellar tendinopathy). Looking for Plantar Fasciitis specifically? Read this blog.

*Criteria to start: you are able to walk 30 minutes on level ground with no pain or very little pain. 

*Clearance by your MD or PT.

* The goal of this program is to prepare you to initiate a gradual overground running program. The program may need to be slowed down by repeating a week until you are able to progress to the next. 


Plan by Kurt Roeser: 

Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedic Physical therapy. 

Kurt Roeser is the physical therapist behind BOULDER RUN PHYSIO, Ability Physical Therapy's Niwot location. He is passionate about staying up to date with current research and providing high quality physical therapy care to help individuals get out of pain and improve their function in daily life and athletics. 

Liability Disclaimer: This plan provides general educational information only and is not medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The provider of this plan is not responsible for any advice or information obtained through this plan. Always consult a physician for medical questions.