Olympian Dom Scott's Story

Olympian Dom Scott's Story

Dominique "Dom" Scott is a 2-Time Olympian from South Africa.

She competes in track and field, specializing in the 5,000 and 10,000 meter runs.

Coming into 2021 she wanted the perfect start and preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Unfortunately, she was "dealt a bad hand" and started her training block with a stress reaction in her tibia.

This meant she had to take six full weeks off of running to give her bones time to heal. All the while, the clock was ticking as the Olympic Games loomed closer and closer.

She consulted with her coach and physio to find a training solution that could allow her to return to running sooner so she could ensure she was as well trained as she could be before one of the biggest races of her life.

Her team settled on LEVER as the perfect Body Weight Support device for her comeback into running.

For her preparation she used LEVER every other day at 70% bodyweight to help increase her training volume back to her normal level.

She started running only 5 minutes for her first run, but was quickly able to build up to her full mileage due to her utilization of LEVER and Body Weight Support.

Only 12 weeks after returning to running with LEVER she was able to run a personal best in the 10,000 meter run: