10:00 Threshold Intervals Description

10:00 Threshold Intervals

10:00 Threshold Intervals

Welcome to the first LEVER Workout of the Week!

Our goal with this series is to provide expert running guidance in the form of weekly workouts. 

The general structure you can expect is a workout description including warm up, workout, and cool down. We will give workouts assuming you'll be running on the LEVER but you can do these workouts away from the treadmill as well. 

To customize your paces we suggest using the LEVER Pace Calculator.

Warm Up

It all starts with the warm up! We recommend starting with at least a 10:00 warm up consisting of easy running before starting the intensity portion of the workout. If you're using your LEVER, you'll start with taking 10% off your bodyweight.


It's workout time! The focus of this workout is to establish a base of volume at your threshold, while practicing running slightly faster than you could normally run outside. 

The number of intervals will range from 2-3 repeats of 10:00 in length. Your goal intensity will be the pace you can run for one hour continuously, all out. 

Since we are breaking these into 10:00 sections you can manage these small bouts of intensity which help bump up your threshold.

The recovery in between these 10:00 repeats will be 3:00 of easy running.

10:00 Threshold Intervals

Enhancing your workout with LEVER

If you're using your LEVER, you can practice a key part of Body Weight Support training: Over Speed Tempo

Over Speed Tempo training means running the same intensity as your normal threshold, but using the LEVER to allow you to practice the neuromuscular training to help you run faster. 

Example: If your normal threshold is 7:30 pace per mile, or 8mph, taking 10% off your bodyweight means you'd set the treadmill speed to around 8.7mph or 6:53 pace per mile.

Cool Down

After you finish your last repeat, you should run a 10:00 to 15:00 cool down at your normal easy running intensity.