Mini Speed Progression

Mini Speed Progression

The treadmill offers a great opportunity to not only practice specific paces, but also slightly increase speeds during an interval. Today's workout focuses on both of these key points to help you fine tune your speed!

Warm Up

For our warm up we'll start with 10:00-15:00 of easy running followed by 3 sets of 1:00 at your 10k pace with 1:00 easy between. This will get your body warmed up and ready for the speedier intervals to shortly follow. After your third 1:00 warmup repeats run another 2:00 easy before starting the workout.


This workout focuses on tapping in on your speed, but also progressing slightly throughout the interval. Our basic structure will be 3:00 repeats, increasing the pace every 1:00.

Our starting speed per repeat will be your 5k pace and we'll increase the speed .1mph each minute. The recovery in between will be a full 3:00 of easy running to ensure you have enough time to be ready for the next repeat.

Our example runner has a 5k pace of 9.5mph and you can see the workout example below:

Mini Speed Progression

Making It Specific

To make this workout specific to you, you'll have to estimate or find your current 5k time. This should feel hard and like an effort you can sustain for 15:00-25:00 total.

We recommend using the LEVER Pace Calculator to dial in specific paces based on the amount of Body Weight Support you're using.

Cool Down

After you finish your last repeat you'll cool down for 10:00-15:00 at an easy effort to finish your workout!