LEVER Wave Tempo

LEVER Wave Tempo

For this week we'll be running a "Wave Tempo" to practice your ability at running faster than threshold with sections slightly below threshold. This helps you get more comfortable with running faster than threshold, but also helps you tolerate faster recoveries than you're used to during normal repeats.

Warm Up

For our warm up we'll start with 10:00-15:00 minutes of easy running before adding a 3:00 pickup at your half marathon pace to get your legs moving a bit before the quality to come later on. After your 3:00 pickup run easy for another 2:00 before we dive into the workout.


In this workout we're going to practice alternating between blocks of running slightly above your threshold and blocks slightly below your threshold. The goal for this is to get in 30:00 of tempo running, or 5 sets of our Wave Tempo.

Our example runner has a threshold pace (or about what they could run for an hour all out) of 9mph. They'll alternate one 3:00 block at 9.7mph and one 3:00 block at 9.2mph.

Wave Tempo

Making It Specific

To make this workout specific to you, you'll have to find your threshold pace. Ideally, this is a pace you can sustain for 50:00-70:00. After you've found your threshold, you'll run .2mph faster for one block, and .3mph slower for the second block.

We recommend using the LEVER Pace Calculator to dial in specific paces based on the amount of Body Weight Support you're using.

Cool Down

After you finish your last set you'll head into a 10:00 to 15:00 easy cool down to finish the workout.