Laura Siddall

5:00 Speed Pyramid

Get faster with this quick speed based workout!

The 5:00 Speed Pyramid is a short but sweet workout to help you get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Warm Up

We will start with an easy 10:00-15:00 warm up at your normal easy pace, and then add a 3:00 section of running slightly faster (.3mph-.5mph) than your standard easy pace to get your legs moving a bit. After that 3:00 pickup section we will run 2:00 easy and get into the start of the workout!


The idea behind this workout is to start the first 1:00 section at or around your half marathon speed and increase the pace by .5mph in 1:00 sections before "peaking" the top of the pyramid and coming back down the other side to end the last minute back at your half marathon speed. An example progression for an athlete who has a half marathon pace of 8.0 mph:

5:00 Speed Pyramid

The aim of this workout is to get at least three total repeats, or three sets of the 5:00 Speed Pyramid. In between each set you should run easy for 4:00-5:00. If three sets feels okay, then up to 5 total repeats for 25:00 of total intensity makes for a great session!

Cool Down

After you finish your last set, run easy for another 10:00 to 20:00 to close out the workout.

To customize your paces we suggest using the LEVER Pace Calculator.