Flora Duffy LEVER 30 minute Progression

30:00 Progression

Progression runs are a reliable, efficient, and engaging style of workout to incorporate into your workout routine. The 30:00 Progression Workout is a great starting workout to incorporate and build off of as you get into your training block.

Warm Up

For your warm up section we recommend starting with a 10:00-15:00 section of easy running. After you've run for 10:00-15:00 easy, add a short 1:00 pickup to around marathon speed plus another 2:00 section of easy paced running.


Now the fun part starts! For this progression, we will break things into six 5:00 sections, progressing slightly faster each time. We want to aim to start relatively conservative at the beginning, pushing just slightly past being uncomfortable by the end. An example progression looks like:

30:00 Progression

Cool Down

After we've done our 30:00 Progression we can hop right into a 10:00-15:00 cool down at an easy pace.

To customize your paces we suggest using the LEVER Pace Calculator.