Podcast EP03: Run a PR After Injury With Dr. Jeremy Boyd

Podcast EP03: Run a PR After Injury With Dr. Jeremy Boyd

Run Fast, Run Forever Presented by Lever Movement EP03: Run a PR After Injury With Dr. Jeremy Boyd

Host - Brad Miles

Guest - Dr. Jeremy Boyd, PT, DPT

Injuries often mark a decline in a runner's performance, but what if they could actually pave the way to greater achievements? Dr. Jeremy Boyd, with his deep expertise in physical therapy and the founder of Trifecta Therapeutics Sports Rehabilitation and Performance, explores this intriguing idea. He delves into the common overuse injuries that challenge runners, from Achilles tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis to knee discomfort and IT band syndrome, offering a roadmap for not just returning to the track but doing so with renewed strength.

Dr. Jeremy also explains the psychological journey of recovery, helping athletes to rebuild the confidence shattered by injury. With his own marathon accomplishments fueling his passion, he brings a relatable and informed perspective to the challenges runners face. Listeners will gain insights into return-to-run protocols tailored to each runner's unique circumstances, emphasizing the critical benchmarks for a safe and effective comeback. 

The conversation explores the variable recovery timelines, a typically four to eight-week period before runners can safely hit the pavement again. Leveraging a lever system in rehabilitation is a game-changer because he finds it offers a way to recover more quickly and with significantly less discomfort. Dr. Jeremy shares his perspective that injury offers athletes a unique opportunity to get stronger, both physically and mentally. He cites numerous instances where runners have not only bounced back from injuries but have also shattered their personal records, turning setbacks into remarkable triumphs.


  • “I always thought to go beyond just a classic physical therapy space. With wellness and more psychology in mind." (06:36 | Dr. Jeremy Boyd)
  • "When you break down running, it's essentially one controlled hop into another for thousands of repetitions. So being able to control it, assess how a person does, seeing the confidence in it, because it's not just a pure distance or numbers thing, it's how a person does it, how they feel about it." (18:13 | Dr. Jeremy Boyd)
  • "We see a ton of ACL injuries or surgeries or post-op, Achilles tendon rehabs, pretty much everything. I think the lever system is really great for that." (39:05 | Dr. Jeremy Boyd)
  • "Any injury, whether it's repetitive use or traumatic injury, can be a springboard. Instead of viewing it as like, oh, this sucks. I'm not going to be able to run. I'm not going to take months off. I'm not going to be able to hit where I used to hit. It is an opportunity to be like a springboard to a better you in the sense." (41:17 | Dr. Jeremy Boyd) 
  • "Once you have an injury, we can work on all these things, work on some strength and capacity that you didn't know. I'll throw this out there. Strength training for runners is excellent. If you really want to get into PRs, all the research supports that. Mixing up your workouts, adding some strength training will really, really help kind of push you and then just make you overall more resilient." (43:09 | Dr. Jeremy Boyd) 

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