Marathon Specific Progression

Marathon Specific Progression

Marathon Specific Progression

The general structure you can expect is a workout description including warm up, workout, and cool down. We will give workouts assuming you'll be running on the LEVER but you can do these workouts away from the treadmill as well. 

To customize your paces we suggest using the LEVER Pace Calculator.

Warm Up

For this warm up we recommend starting with at least a 10:00 section of easy running, followed by 3:00-5:00 of slightly faster running to prepare your legs for the quality work to come. If you're using your LEVER, you'll take off 10% bodyweight.


Let's get into the fun part of the run, the marathon specific progression! This workout aims to make you feel comfortable at your goal marathon pace, then progresses down to faster than marathon pace using Body Weight Support.

Marathon Specific Progression

You'll run this progression in two 15:00 sections, and one 5:00 section, aiming to run 35:00 of total volume! 

15:00 at Marathon Pace

15:00 at 10 seconds faster than Marathon Pace

5:00 at 15 seconds faster than Marathon Pace

Cool Down

Once you've finished your workout, switch gears and run at an easy effort for 10:00 to 15:00 to wrap up a great workout.