Hillary Allen's Ultra Guide to Elevate Your Performance

Hillary Allen's Ultra Guide to Elevate Your Performance

Run Fast, Run Forever Presented by Lever Movement EP06: Hillary Allen's Ultra Guide via Multi-Sport Training

Guest - Hillary Allen, Professional Ultra Marathoner

Discover how embracing multi-sport training can redefine resilience and performance in endurance sports. Hillary Allen, renowned for her ultramarathon expertise and her remarkable comeback after a life-altering accident, shares her inspiring journey of integrating cycling into her training regimen to enhance her running performance and maintain a healthy balance.

Recounting the traumatic experience of her fall in a sky running race and the subsequent challenges of recovery, Hillary reflects on the deeper reasons behind her passion for running and competing. Her narrative goes beyond the conventional metrics of success, focusing instead on curiosity, exploration, and the joy of movement.

As a multi-sport athlete, Hillary balances her training between running and cycling—a combination that provides a refreshing mental diversion and enhances her trail running with strength-building cycling sessions, which mitigate the impact on her body. Her training is a blend of discipline and joy, encompassing running, cycling, and the strategic use of the Lever system to facilitate recovery and manage training intensity, especially after undergoing surgery for bone spurs in her ankle.

In this episode, listeners will learn about the benefits of multi-sport training, the importance of resilience and mental strength during recovery, and finding motivation beyond competition. As a bonus, listeners of this episode will receive a 20% discount on any Lever Movement devices and the Lever Pro Shorts by using the code HillyGoat.


  • "The reason why I got into trail and ultrarunning was because I had that curiosity for the limits of human potential and how far I could go." (02:32 | Hillary Allen)
  • "It's been an interesting saga of getting back from injuries, pivoting and seeing how it's really forced me to grow as an athlete and a person to really ask again these questions: 'Why do I want to keep doing this?' 'Why do I want to keep running and competing and doing all this other stuff?' and 'How can I do it differently that actually supports my new body?'" (05:40 | Hillary Allen) 
  • "I've fully embraced the multi-sport athlete life. And I think that it first came from trying cycling as a way to get back from injury, from some ankle injuries. It was a quicker way for me to start to move again." (12:31 | Hillary Allen)
  • "What I love about being a multi-sport athlete is, I feel like mentally, it gives me a break. I'm not just doing the same thing." (16:54 | Hillary Allen) 
  • "I started using the lever system as a way to add in running volume while doing it more purposefully. I could actually temper how much weight I was loading on my tendon as it was kind of getting used to the pounding of running, which I think was absolutely game changing." (26:31 | Hillary Allen)

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