Podcast EP01: How Eli Hemming Trains & the LEVER Workout You Need to Add to Your Training

Podcast EP01: How Eli Hemming Trains & the LEVER Workout You Need to Add to Your Training

Run Fast, Run Forever Podcast Presented by Lever Movement EP01: How Eli Hemming Trains & the LEVER Workout You Need to Add to Your Training

Host - Brad Miles

Guest - Eli Hemming, Professional Trail Runner

From climbing the global rankings in triathlon to professional trail running, Eli Hemming stands out as one of the leading figures in the world of endurance sports. Host Brad Miles sits down with Eli, whose seamless transition from a professional ITU triathlete to a trail running marvel has captured the attention of the sports community. They delve into what it means to relentlessly pursue excellence, exploring how to push limits while balancing training with life.

Eli's transition from the regimented world of international triathlon to the challenging landscapes of trail and ultra-running is nothing short of remarkable. He recounts an "epiphany" he experienced during COVID and when his wife, Tabor, took him to a random trail race. It led him to explore the world of trail running to find a little bit more fulfillment. Throughout the discussion, listeners are provided with a deep understanding of the commitment needed to succeed in endurance sports. 

Residing at an altitude of 8,000 feet, Eli and his wife have adapted to high-altitude training through a variety of methods including skiing and treadmill runs. By incorporating the LEVER system into their performance training, Eli shares how it helped them maintain a high level of fitness and recover faster between workouts. They experimented with the LEVER system in various overspeed training to enhance leg speed, relearning quicker running techniques, and used it as a means for altitude adjustment.

This inaugural episode of "Run Fast, Run Forever" marks the second season of the Lever Movement podcast. Lever Movement, based in Boulder, Colorado, is a company specializing in rehab, recovery, and training devices dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain your goals of being a healthy, fit, and competitive athlete for life. 


  • “I love being outdoors and I love the lifestyle of getting out and being outside all day, every day. Running is kind of my excuse to do that, but I also love the pursuit of excellence in that. I love putting up with the monotony to better myself, to become a good runner.” (02:56 | Eli Hemming)
  • "I'm still pursuing excellence in sport. I'm just doing it on a different level and I'm focusing more on recovery and my relationships as well." (08:49 | Eli Hemming)
  • "I didn't know that was a thing–racing trails. I ran quite a few trails just because I really enjoyed running. Tabor, my wife, took me to a random trail race in Buena Vista. We had that little epiphany moment while we were there. Like, this is so much fun. What if we just kind of became trail running vagabonds? That'd be so much fun. So that was kind of the start." (09:22 | Eli Hemming)
  • "We made the move up two years ago now. Honestly, the biggest hurdle has been trying to remember how to run quickly. You get really fit, but I did kind of let up on the fitness side of things. And so I could focus on the technicalities that come with trail running. In that, I also feel like I got slower from being at altitude all the time. So we're kind of planning some sea level blocks so that we can go remember how to run quickly." (17:01 | Eli Hemming) 
  • "I think the LEVER system is a great addition. Not that I'd want to take away my training for it, I want to keep all my sessions. But the LEVER system is something that I can add in, even if I can just add in a few miles here, a few miles there. I think that's really beneficial." (27:41 | Eli Hemming)

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