Conquer the Mountain

Conquer the Mountain

You know the feeling...

You're in the middle of a race or workout and a small but significant hill suddenly appears. You can't go around it. The only way is over. This session focuses on maintaining your speed over inclines with short but sustainable repeats.

Warm Up

We will start with a 10:00 section of easy running followed by:
1:00 at your half marathon pace with 1:00 easy
1:00 slightly faster with 1:00 easy
1:00 even slightly faster with 1:00 easy

Phew, feel warmed up yet? After the third 1:00 pickup run another 3:00 easy before we start the workout.


The structure of this workout will be 2:00 repeats with the pace staying steady throughout, but the incline increasing by 1% each :30 segment. You'll aim to start at your 10k speed for your pace, but the effort will feel harder once you increase the incline. We will do 6 to 8 repeats in total with a 3:00 easy recovery between repeats.

Conquer the mountain workout

Cool Down

After your last repeat you'll run easy for 10:00-15:00 to close out the workout.