4 Key Performance Benefits of Using LEVER in Your Training Routine

4 Key Performance Benefits of Using LEVER in Your Training Routine

We will be highlighting some of the performance benefits of using LEVER during all stages of your training, from the base training to intense workouts. Discover how body weight support enhances recovery, facilitates a safe approach to increased mileage, and supports overspeed training for increased muscle and aerobic capacity preparation. Explore the most optimal ways to integrate LEVER into your training regimen. 

1. LEVER Run the day after a Long Run or Hard Workout

  • Common injuries tend to occur the day after intense sessions or long runs due to muscle soreness causing imbalances.
  • Taking at least 10% of body weight off with LEVER improves recovery and reduces risk of injury. 
2. Safely Increase Mileage: 
    • Another common cause of injury with running is doing too much too quickly.
    • Incorporate two LEVER Runs per week at 80%-90% body weight to gradually build mileage safely.

    Ruth Astle coming back from her injury

    3. Double Runs

    • For double runs, use LEVER at 90% body weight for enhanced recovery and emphasis on running economy/mechanics.
    • Improving your running efficiency leads to increased power and faster times in your workouts/races. 
    4. Overspeed Training:
    • LEVER facilitates overspeed training for Threshold Pace and faster intervals
    • Reducing 10-15% body weight allows you to run 20-30 seconds per mile faster at the same heart rate. 
    • Customize workouts based on your threshold heart rate range and for optimal effectiveness. 
    • Use the LEVER Pace calculator link below to adjust your pace/speed to account for the 10%-15% body weight reduction. 

     LEVER Pace Calculator