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Why Should Your Team Use LEVER?

Most accessible body weight support (BWS) device

Low cost BWS for teams to have multiple systems

Lightweight and portable for teams to travel

Help injured athletes return to run

Unlock Your Teams Potential

As a sports team, you know that pushing your limits is key to achieving your goals. Take advantage of overspeed training, recovery sessions, increased mileage, and double run days to transform your team's performance. Unlock your teams full potential with LEVER!

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What Teams Are Saying

Koki Ozawa

University of Colorado

"At CU, we have been using LEVER both for injury prevention and workload management as well as for return to training progression. We are very happy to have LEVER with the team."

Coach Mike Dager

Washington & Lee University

"We plan to have 6 of our top 7-10 runners do a long run in the LEVER every other week moving forward.  Overall it has been a great tool for both return from injury and just reducing impact stress for healthy athletes."

Coach Tom Brumlik

UA Mission Run Baltimore 800m

"LEVER is keeping the endurance work steady."

Coach Broughton Bellarmine University

Bellarmine University

"The LEVER has been one of the best investments we have made as a program. In the past when our athletes have had a nagging injury they have had to cross train via bike or elliptical. Now that we have the LEVER we can keep them running or get them back to running sooner. I believe it has also helped us prevent more serious injuries when any of our runners feel those small twinges."