Hear What Customers Have To Say About LEVER

Jessica Baxter 

"Best thing that's come to running in a long time. The Lever has made a huge difference in how I'm able to train. It's allowed me to squeeze in extra low impact runs and add extra speed on interval days. It even got me through with no pain during a week long knee issue."

Allyssa B. 

"Broken ankle rehab. This product is worth every penny. A few days after breaking my ankle I purchased this knowing it was going to be a pivotal part in my rehab. I was running long before I could have otherwise. I now use it intermittently if I have a niggle or just feeling fatigued and need a little extra help. I am extremely happy with my purchase and the customer service."

Tracey Horne 

"Game changer! Coming back from injury is like walking a knife edge between wanting to get back lost fitness quickly and being patient. The Lever has helped me reintroduce speed work safely and earlier than expected. The set up is sturdy and professional, I feel completely safe even at high speed. Just wish I’d discovered this earlier!"

Amanda Brooks Run To The Finish

Ruth Astle

Paula Findlay and Eric Lagerstrom of That Triathlon Life

"This week Paula started running again after a stress fracture, using the LEVER running device. The key to returning to running after a stress fracture is running a percentage of body weight and slowly building to full body weight and full run volume. The LEVER running device works exactly like an alter-G treadmill, for a fraction of the price."

2020 Olympic Triathlon Champion Flora Duffy

"The bit of running I was able to do, I did solely indoors on the treadmill, on Zwift, using LEVER. You can run at less body weight, which is super great when you're injured. That's how I did all of my running for sort of that two month stretch,
April and May before the games, which was such a crucial part of my build that I was able to keep some running going, just enough to keep me pretty fit that I wasn't taking a huge step back. That was so important to have the treadmill on Zwift and the Lever, like that combination really kind of saved my Olympics."

Pro Triathlete Matt Hanson on Running, Training, and Rehab with the LEVER

PTO Pro Triathlete Grace Thek 

Lynsey R

"Using the Lever has been a game changer for me. I first purchased the Lever in 2019 as I was returning to running after 2 medial tibial stress fractures. Over the years I’ve implemented Lever for runs when I was feeling beat up or experiencing niggles, however since February (with the help of Becki Spellman) I’ve been using the Lever 2 times a week to increase my training volume.

Throughout February and March we used the Lever to take off 90-95% bodyweight to support a second quality session as well as for one mid-week easy run. It worked like a charm! I made it to the start line of my first half marathon in 3 years, feeling healthy and fit. I ran a 1:18 smashing my previous PR by almost 2 minutes."

First Time LEVER Set Up


"My skepticism was erased with my first run on it! I got sidelined with a calf strain that turned my fall marathon into a DNS. I rested for weeks, iced, strength trained, and then re-injured it while trying to come back. I remembered an Instagram pal, Christine Warren sharing her experience with the Lever so I skeptically, impulsively bought one in a frustrated fury with my re-injury. My skepticism was erased with my first run on it, wow! It really does work, and it's so easy to set up."