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Amanda Brooks Run To The Finish

Ruth Astle

Paula Findlay and Eric Lagerstrom of That Triathlon Life

"This week Paula started running again after a stress fracture, using the LEVER running device. The key to returning to running after a stress fracture is running a percentage of body weight and slowly building to full body weight and full run volume. The LEVER running device works exactly like an alter-G treadmill, for a fraction of the price."

2020 Olympic Triathlon Champion Flora Duffy

"The bit of running I was able to do, I did solely indoors on the treadmill, on Zwift, using LEVER. You can run at less body weight, which is super great when you're injured. That's how I did all of my running for sort of that two month stretch,
April and May before the games, which was such a crucial part of my build that I was able to keep some running going, just enough to keep me pretty fit that I wasn't taking a huge step back. That was so important to have the treadmill on Zwift and the Lever, like that combination really kind of saved my Olympics."

Pro Triathlete Matt Hanson on Running, Training, and Rehab with the LEVER

PTO Pro Triathlete Grace Thek 

First Time LEVER Set Up