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What is BWS?

From the Researchers

"By reducing the bodyweight of a runner using the LEVER system, peak vertical ground reaction force is reduced similar to the competition"

Alena Grabowski, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Integrative Physiology University of Colorado Boulder

When Can BWS Be Used?

From our customers

Our clinic needed this functionality, but couldn’t justify the cost of the other products. This has been a huge value-add for our patients.”

Lafayette PT Clinic

Most of my patients have treadmills, so with the setup only taking a couple of minutes, I can provide this technology when I travel."

Jess, Traveling PT

Other BWS Benefits


BWS has been studied extensively, showing the benefits of this technology. To prove LEVER Movement is statistically similar to previous research please check out the below link and see how it compares to traditional BWS systems.

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