For Athletes

Train smarter, recover faster, and perform at your best

Athletes use bodyweight support for:

  • Performance enhancement
    • Overspeed work
    • Recovery runs
    • Increased mileage and double run days
  • Return to run from injury
    • Achilles tendinopathy
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Stress fractures/reactions
    • And more

Coming back from an injury or want to improve performance?

return from injury plan

Becki Spellman

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From our customers


"The LEVER device has allowed me to better my marathon time from 3:09 to 2:42 in 4 months. I can now have a long run and not feel the effects the next day."




“3 months after getting back from injury, I was able to run a big personal best of 31:19 in the 10K”

Dom Scott 2*Olympian

Boulder, Co

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