Overspeed and Tempo Training with LEVER

Overspeed and Tempo Training with LEVER

If you had the chance to read our previous blog on the performance benefits of LEVER, we're excited to give some sample workouts in this week's edition. Highlighted below are two sample workouts that LEVER users have done themselves. The first workout focuses on overspeed training, while the second workout prioritizes aerobic capacity and muscular endurance. Take a look below and discover how LEVER can elevate your training experience. 


1km Interval Workout (Sample)

8 x 1km Workout

Warm Up: 15-20 minutes of easy running 

Workout: 8 x 1k with 2:00-3:00 easy jog recovery (5 x 1k at onground threshold pace, 3 x 1k 20-30 seconds per mile pace faster). Ex: If you did the first 5 x 1k at 7:00/mile 8.6mph do the last 3 at 6:30-6:40/mile 9-9.2mph.

Cool Down: 10-15 minutes of easy running

The sample interval workout described above is an effective method to enhance foot speed. Starting at your threshold pace establishes a comfortable rhythm for the majority of the session, maintaining a steady heart rate during intervals. The final three repetitions at a higher speed will be the overspeed section of the workout. At 85%-90% body weight, this approach enables a lower heart rate compared to on-ground running, while also reducing impact and ground reaction force. Consistent use of the LEVER for overspeed training over time helps familiarize your muscles with a faster turnover, gradually translating to improved on-ground running speed and mechanics.   

30 Minute Tempo Workout (Sample)

Tempo Workout

Warm Up: 15-20 minutes easy

Workout: 30 minute tempo run at 85%-90% body weight

Cool Down: 10-15 minutes easy 

The goal of a tempo workout is to improve both aerobic capacity and muscular endurance. Removing 10-15% body weight enables faster running at the same heart-rate or maintaining the same pace for a lower duration at lower heart rate. Use the LEVER Pace Calculator linked below to adjust on-ground pace based on the 10%-15% body weight reduction to focus on aerobic capacity. For a muscular endurance focus, use your on-ground pace but go for a longer duration. Reduced body weight and a lower heart rate will allow you to sustain the prescribed pace for a longer period of time. 


LEVER Pace Calculator