LEVER Common Body Weight Percentage Uses

LEVER Common Body Weight Percentage Uses

A common question among our LEVER community is “what is the optimal body weight percentage for optimal running and training while using the LEVER?” While there’s no universal answer, adjusting body weight is a key strategy that unlocks diverse benefits tailored to individual training goals. 

Section 1: Returning from Injury 

Navigating the path to recovery is a crucial aspect for many LEVER users. Starting points in most return-to-run protocols begin at 70% body weight and increase from there. It is essential, however, to consult with your medical professional and adhere to the guidance of your physical therapist for a safe and effective return to running. 

Section 2: Utilizing LEVER for Recovery

Within the domain of recovery, the sweet spot is usually a 10%-15% reduction in body weight. This creates a dual strategy among LEVER users. Firstly, maintaining your usual on-ground pace with a lower heart rate allows for complete recovery and allows you to focus on your running mechanics. Secondly, reducing the 10%15% can enable you to run approximately 30 seconds per mile faster than your on-ground pace at the same heart rate. This facilitates aerobic recovery while still being able to get a good turnover. 

Section 3: Performance Benefits

The final area where LEVER users frequently capitalize is enhancing overall performance. Two primary aspects standout in this domain: increasing mileage safely and overspeed/tempo training. By lessening the impact on your body, you significantly reduce the risk of injuries while ensuring you remain fresh for the more intensive training sessions. 

  • Safely Increasing Mileage
  • Moderating the impact on your body becomes a powerful tool when aiming to increase your overall mileage. LEVER allows you to gradually increase your mileage while reducing the stress on muscles, bones, tendons and joints, thereby minimizing your risk of an overuse injury. 

  • Overspeed/Tempo Training
  • Taking advantage of LEVER for your overspeed and tempo training is another spot LEVER truly shines. This technique allows you to practice faster speeds with reduced impact and lower heart rate, effectively preparing the body for upcoming intensive workouts and races.