Unlocking the Secrets of Running Shoes: Insights from Thomas Neuberger - Believe in the Run

Unlocking the Secrets of Running Shoes: Insights from Thomas Neuberger - Believe in the Run

In our latest episode of the "Runfast Run Forever" podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Thomas Neuberger, founder of the renowned shoe and gear review company, Believe in the Run. With 15 years of experience and a deep passion for running, Thomas has become a leading authority in the world of running shoes and gear. During our chat, Thomas shared his journey, the evolution of Believe in the Run, and invaluable insights into the latest in running shoe technology.

Early Days of Believe in the Run: Thomas Neuberger's journey into the world of running began later in life. At the age of 36, after a bad breakup and the loss of his father, Thomas found solace in running. Starting from scratch, he discovered the joy of running and the positive impact it had on his life. His transformation from an artist with a sedentary lifestyle to an avid runner laid the foundation for Believe in the Run.

The Birth of Believe in the Run: Believe in the Run started as a blog to document Thomas's training for the challenging TransRockies race. The blog quickly gained traction as Thomas shared his experiences and insights into running gear. Over time, the focus shifted more towards gear reviews, driven by the curiosity and engagement of the running community.

Building a Community: Thomas emphasized the importance of community in his journey. From starting a running club called the Faster Bastards to organizing events and shakeout runs, Believe in the Run has always prioritized creating a sense of belonging among runners. The brand's success can be attributed to its genuine connection with the running community.

Adventures in Running Shoe Technology: Thomas's recent visit to Adidas's headquarters in Germany was a highlight of our conversation. He described the impressive campus, the innovative designs, and the meticulous research and development that goes into creating top-notch running shoes. The experience of interacting with designers and seeing the technology firsthand was nothing short of inspiring.

Top Picks for Racing and Training Shoes: Thomas shared his expert recommendations for the best racing and training shoes currently available. From the versatile ASICS Superblast to the innovative Adidas Boston 12, his insights provide valuable guidance for runners seeking the perfect pair of shoes for their specific needs.

The Role of Lever in Injury Recovery: A significant part of our discussion focused on Thomas's experience using the Lever system for injury recovery. After suffering from a bone stress injury, Thomas utilized the Lever system to gradually return to running. By reducing body weight and carefully increasing mileage, he successfully rehabilitated his injury and got back on track.

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 Thomas Neuberger's journey and expertise offer a wealth of knowledge for runners of all levels. Whether you're looking for the best running shoes, insights into injury recovery, or inspiration to keep running, this episode has something for everyone. Be sure to listen to the full episode of the "Runfast Run Forever" podcast to gain deeper insights and stay updated with the latest in running technology.

Stay connected with Believe in the Run and follow Thomas's journey on Instagram at @believeintherun. For more updates on running gear and technology, visit their website at believeintherun.com. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram at @levermovement for more tips on incorporating the Lever system into your training.