Beth McKenzie on Ultra Training & Life Balance

Beth McKenzie on Ultra Training & Life Balance

Run Fast, Run Forever Presented by Lever Movement EP 02: Beth McKenzie's Lessons Learned from Ultra Training Blocks

Host - Brad Miles

Guest - Beth McKenzie, Owner of Wyn Republic & Ultra marathoner

Embarking on an ultramarathon journey while juggling the roles of a wife, mother, and entrepreneur is no small feat. Yet, Beth McKenzie, co-founder of WYN Republic and an ultramarathon enthusiast, navigates this complex landscape with grace and resilience. In our conversation, Beth delves into her rigorous training schedules, recounts overcoming obstacles like a stress fracture, and reveals how she strategically aligns her athletic ambitions with her responsibilities at work and home. Her unwavering dedication to running not only highlights her passion for the sport but also serves as a testament to her remarkable ability to maintain balance in all facets of her life.

Beth recounts her experience at the 2022 California International Marathon where she narrowly missed qualifying for the US Olympic Trials. Her decision to step back from the pursuit of Olympic qualification reflects a deep understanding of her body's limits and the realization that longevity in her career is paramount. She is gearing up for this year's 100K Tarawera Ultramarathon, with guidance from renowned coaches David and Megan Roche. She sees this participation as a way to tap into her love for running. She's not out to grab the top spot. Instead, she's in it to push her boundaries, discover what she's truly capable of, and learn how her body responds to intense challenges.

Tune into this episode of "Run Fast, Run Forever" for a closer look at Beth's journey, her training, and lifestyle. Learn the principles of balance and sustainability, along with the relentless pursuit of personal bests in the world of long-distance running.


  • "As far as why I'm running, I think just now into my mid-40s, it's the kind of thing that I can do the most efficiently and the best way to get some training, but also, for me, a way to still be able to challenge myself mentally and physically each day." (03:09 | Beth McKenzie) 
  • "As soon as I found running in my late 20s, I knew it was something I wanted to do for life. For me, even in phases of my life where I'm not feeling competitive or not wanting to go on a start line, I'm still going to be getting out every day to run on the trails, to just decompress, to get away from everything else and just be on my own as well." (04:23 | Beth McKenzie)
  • "I honestly aspire to be a hobby jogger. I think that's a great thing. It's that longevity. It's having that in your life on a daily basis to give you joy." (08:21 | Beth McKenzie)
  • "My real wish though, is that I had a LEVER coming back from pregnancy and during pregnancy. You could just sell LEVERs to pregnant women because seriously, the amount it could have helped me in those stages of life is ridiculous. While you're pregnant, taking off some of the weight, having that freedom to run and then afterwards returning to running. But while you're still carrying some extra weight, it would have been so valuable." (32:29 | Beth McKenzie)
  • "I think that's one of the exciting things about just having the type of company that we do is like, just the ability to help people is like the name of the game for us, right? Whether it's someone coming back from a stress fracture or wanting to get back to fitness post-pregnancy." (33:04 | Brad Miles)

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