April Lund's Breaking Records with the LEVER System

April Lund's Breaking Records with the LEVER System

In the heart of Bismarck, North Dakota, April Lund is redefining what it means to be an athlete, coach, and motivator. Beyond her titles and achievements lies a story of relentless perseverance, a tale that resonates with anyone who's ever faced an obstacle and dared to overcome it. April's multifaceted role as a Health and Wellness Coach, President of GYS TRACK CLUB, Head Coach at Bismarck State College, and a force to be reckoned with on the track, showcases her unwavering commitment to health, fitness, and the sheer joy of running.

Triumphs on the Track: A Testament to Resilience

April's recent race performances encapsulate her tenacity and strategic prowess. Reflecting on her exceptional achievements at the USATF Masters 5k Championships, April recounts, "The race went fantastic and just how I had practiced... I came across the line in 16:58 averaging 5:27!" Her success in these races, amidst the challenges posed by her injuries, speaks volumes of her resilience and dedication to her craft. April's ability to maintain such high levels of performance, including a second-place finish in a half marathon just a day after her stellar race, showcases her resilience and preparation.

The LEVER System: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

April's approach to training and recovery is her integration of the LEVER system. This adaptation was born out of necessity following a severe injury, yet it has become a pivotal element of her training regimen. April shares, "The Lever has been a mental and physical tool...I fell this past spring in Kenya and broke 5 ribs and my foot...The Lever has allowed me to continue to train at an extremely high level without all the stress on my feet/ankle or mind. I started back with 70% of my body weight and now use it pretty much every single day with about 5lbs of body weight off. For me that's enough that it keeps my heart rate & effort equal with outside, but just enough stress off my foot for it to continue to heal and train. I absolutely could not be where I am right now without the Lever. 

A Beacon of Hope: Guidance for Aspiring Runners

April's narrative serves as a beacon of hope and a source of practical advice for individuals embarking on their running journey. She emphasizes the importance of consistency, adaptability, and perseverance, stating, "Consistency is the biggest key. You need to show up for yourself day in and day out...If you stop giving up you never know where you will be. Nine years ago I was over 100 pounds heavier with 44.8% body fat! I had to let go of what I thought things should look like and just do what I was capable of at that moment."

The Path Forward: A Future Filled with Ambition

Looking ahead, April's aspirations remain as ambitious and inspiring as ever. With her sights set on prestigious events such as the USATF Indoor National Championships and the Boston Marathon, April's journey is a compelling narrative of setting lofty goals and relentlessly pursuing them. Her plans to represent Team USA at the WMA World Outdoor Championships further highlight her commitment to excellence and her role as an ambassador for the sport.

As April continues to break barriers and inspire a new generation of athletes, her journey remains a beacon of possibility and a source of inspiration for all who dare to dream and strive for greatness.