A display of the LEVER Precision Scale
LEVER Precision Scale
The LEVER Precision Scale on the LEVER System
The home screen of the LEVER mobile app.
A run screen of the LEVER mobile app.
Track your completed sessions in the new LEVER mobile app.

LEVER Precision Scale

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Introducing the brand new LEVER Precision Scale. 

This scale easily slides onto your existing LEVER System and reports the amount of weight you're taking off while running.

Seamless integration with the new LEVER Movement mobile app means no more guessing or approximating the amount of Body Weight Support you're using.

The new LEVER mobile app enables you to track your progress and performance over time with an intuitive and easy to use interface. The LEVER mobile app also connects to Bluetooth Heart Rate monitors allowing you to keep track of your data while you run. Available for iOS and Android.

The LEVER Precision Scale has a battery life of 6+ months with regular use.

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Each LEVER Precision Scale purchase comes standard with a 1-year warranty on all LEVER Precision parts. 

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